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    Why Team up with Ozy Online?

    Why Team up with Ozy Online?

    Ozy Online is an online portal for the sellers, especially local small business including home based business to sell their products/services to the community. Everything is flexible with us based on how well we can TOGETHER help the community.

    Starting a business online is easier and more affordable than ever. However, the challenges faced are many, and as a result it is not easy to succeed in the online world. The reported statistics shows the success rate of e-start-up is less than 1 per cent. Online sounds easy but it is an ever changing digital world. Unless you really are into tehnology, keeping upto its speed, meeting the demands latest technology and offerings, it can become a goose chase spending lots of money and resource. This is where we come in handy. We are a team of Technology professionals who understand and work with the ever changing technology on a daily basis. We can easily provide you what you need to sell your products and be your team mate working together on a great platform specifically for local small businesses and home based business.
    We offer an easy solution to work as a team.
    No contracts! No set-up fees for up to twenty products! Spend your time on your passion and we will take care of the rest.

    How to Start as a Seller?

    • Register with Us.

    You can use your social media logins or provide the details and Regsiter Directly. Visit Register

    • Apply as  Seller

    Once you have registered with us, please use the link to send us your interest as a Seller so we can contact you, Validate and Approve you as a Seller. Please click on Apply for Seller account

    • Send us your Products and Details.

    Once you are approved as a Seller, we will let you know by phone or email. You will be sent an email from us (please make sure any email from do not get into spam folder). You have to reply back with the product details and images of the product. We may contact you for further details before your product is listed and it may take up to 7 days to list your products. Any decisions on this will be communicated to you promptly.

    As a Seller, you will be able to login to the backend of the website (special access) where you can manage your own products. You can see reports of your product orders as well as manage the orders by marking as Shipped and Delivered.

    You will be able to acess each of the orders containing your products (only your product you can see) and see details of customer and shipping address and manage processing status of the order. We will be happy to help you when ever required ans assist you in getting upto speed in making use of these fratures.

    • You will be informed on the completion and You are online selling with Us

    Once we have listed and all ready, we will inform you about the status and you are ready to sell with us. You can manage the pricing and details of the product using your special acces to our website. From this point, you are a Seller with products listed in the website having special access to manage your own products and ready to dispatch any orders from customers.

    • Notifications and Process of Order

    With any order where your products are included, you will be notified by email from Ozy Online which will include the customer details, address to ship etc. If any assistance required, email us on sthe support email provided to you and we will contact you.

    Once you have packaged the order and ready for either customer pickup or shipping, you need to update that in the website which then will notify the customer about their order.

    Is there any Fee or Comissions?

    Our objective is to help you sell online with NO FEES at all. At the same time, Payment Gateway Fee is something which we can not avoid as we have to pay that per each transactions online.  We will round this for ease of calculation which is 3% of the total transaction. Please note that the total transaction includes shipping cost and this payment gateway fee is bearable by you as a Seller.

    Upto 25 products, the only cost is 3% of total transaction which isthe Payment Gateway Fee and NO Commission. You sell with us aboslutely Free!

    Products above 25 needs review and based on the mutual agreement we can work out the Fee structure.

    What you should know as a Seller

    Very simple things to follow but better read our Conditions of Use

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