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Make the Difference in new Decade

Make the Difference in new Decade

2019 is almost over and it is not just a new year but starting the new decade. So Happy New Decade to You.

Our world is going through different kind of problems like pollution, climate change, war, terrorism etc and we often get confused about what we can do about it.?

We all have parts to play in each of the issues we face. As everything starts with our family, which then becomes the society, nation and so on, it is important to set our own habits right. When it comes to economic aspects, if we cannot manage our own budget, eventually it becomes a nations problem. In anyone's life, when we talk about society, our neighbor comes first and as we know there are many of neighbors who are business owners. Some operate from home and some are small business and all are thriving to survive.

As a good neighbor, it is our responsibility to help them as much as possible. If our local environment and its economy becomes better, it changes our life too. Help each other as possibly as we can make changes in this world.

We, Ozy Online is established with the objective of helping community, home based and small business where we help them to sell such business products online without taking any commission. We have created this platform to help small business and making use of our expertise helping them to list and sell their products. Ozy Online do not take any commission from these small business and they have access to the website completely free of any charge.

As a customer or as a vendor what we request you is, in this start of new decade, try help community, home based and small business as much as you can. Every such support can change their lives and thus our local communities which comes back to us in different means giving us higher standard of life.

Please see if you can buy small business products once in a while, encourage these business, encourage those mums doing part time business while looking after kids. We all struggle enough to survive and when we get a chance, be thankful to the better life we have, giving back to the community and that would taste much better when it is about our local economy, creating the circle of help keeping It Local.

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